Monday, May 15, 2017

Animal Farm

I don't paint many animals and most of the ones I have painted are ones I know, I don't know why this is, animals are very interesting to paint and beautiful to look at. It maybe that I spend lot of time trying to capture the human form or that I love landscapes so much I just want to do those. When I look at my listings I see so many landscapes, still lives, abstracts, collages but not many living creatures.
Here are a few I have done.

Argilla Road Rooster
The chickens and roosters I knew from a small farm on Argilla Road in Ipswich were really free range chickens.  They had the use of the yard, the fields and the road.  They spent a lot of time crossing that road and that is where I became acquainted with them.

I did portraits of my brother in law Michael's cats Rocky and Rambo they were very different cats.  Rocky was the more friendly.  He would inch his way over to  you if you stayed long enough.

Rambo was the more standoffish.  He was always very busy guarding Michael's shoes.  He was really good at it, Michael never had a show stolen while Rambo was there.


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Carol Schiff said...

Very cute. I could use the services of Rambo!