Friday, January 16, 2015

Another cloudy day

Carol Schiff posted a wonderful sky painting yesterday. Coincidently that is what we did in group on Thursday, clouds and skies. Carmen gave a demonstration explaining her techniques and use of color and tone. She also told us about some other painters she had discovered on YouTube and how they went about their paintings. It was really interesting and so much fun to watch.
After the demo we set to work on creating our own paintings trying to use some of the tips Carmen gave us. I think the best suggestion she had was to experiment. Everyone approaches their canvas differently, depending on their style, what they see and want to convey. Even though I had several photos with me I decided to put them aside and just paint my whole canvas blue and then put in some clouds. I had no other plan. I just wanted to lay down some paint, mix some colors, try different approaches and see what happened.
After awhile the clouds seem to take shape and lead me in a certain direction. Some of the clouds wanted to stay light while other areas called to be darkened. Some of the canvas did not even want to be sky or clouds but ocean.  One little area demanded to be land!! It really was a great exercise in mixing, setting a mood and letting go.

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