Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Little Collage

A little collage can go a long way. It can make you smile, remind you of something or someone, be a homage to something or someone you admire. The color alone can lift your spirits.
As I was sorting through some of my artwork for our sale I came across a piece I had done to pay tribute to a long lost and almost forgotten art medium, tea sets. England was in the forefront of this wonderful expression of art, especially a pioneer in the Art Deco movement Clarise Cliff.
Once every home had a least one good tea or coffee service for "company" and like many everyday objects they became more intricate and move beautiful as people had time, leisure and money to spend on common objects. The colors, designs and forms that made the Art Deco Movement so wonderful also made something as ordinary as a cup a work of art.
This little whimsical design is from one such tea set.

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