Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finding Time

Art is not just about going into a studio and creating. There has to be inspiration, enthusiasm and most of all time. Of course it never seems like you have all three at the same time but you can try and be in tune with your artistic side while you are doing other things.
I am in the middle of getting my house ready for repainting. I am clearing away photos, taking down paintings, putting away knick-knacks, while grousing constantly about the whole process. As I was filling another box with "stuff" I realized this could be a great opportunity re-arrange and freshen up.
I started taking photos of my groupings when another thought occurred to me. Why not paint some of my arrangements? Or if not the whole arrangement some of the pieces. I have so many fun little "things" I have collected along the way but I see them every day, which means I don't see them anymore.
Here is a photo of my "Fun Wall" in my kitchen. I realized on this one shelf alone I had several set ups if I wanted to use them.
Hmmm what would you paint?

My Fun Wall

Chickens anyone?

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