Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Abstracts to Collage to Oils, oh my

One of the best things about being an artist in a group is that you are exposed to so many techniques. Our group is so diverse, with so many interests we are never bored or boring nor is our Art Sale!!
This December 5th and 6th is our famous, yes I mean famous Pieces of 8 pre- holiday sale.
This year for the first time it will be a 2 day event, tied into First Friday in Eau Gallie and continuing on Saturday. We will be at our new studio space at Ralph's Art Supply and he has graciously agreed to us starting our sale on Friday from 3:00 to 8:30 and into Saturday 10:00-4:00.
I love dappling in oils, collage and abstracts of all kinds and will have all of the above for sale at the show and I am only one person.
We always have so much fun meeting some of the wonderful people who support us by purchasing our art, following us on Facebook and our blog.
Here are a few of the pieces I will have at the sale. Please come by, browse, enjoy and say hello.


Hand colored black and white photo


Monday, October 27, 2014


One of the fun techniques that I did some experiments with was working with foil. I really liked the way you could manipulate it with anything that had the ability to leave an impression. You could use everything from a spoon to a fly swatter. All you had to do was press it onto the foil or press the foil on top of the impression.
When I was in Michael's I saw some really interesting pattern presses, before I started this I had no idea anything like that even existed. The "pattern presses" are just small flat pieces of metal with an embossed design on them. They had so many interesting ones that I had to buy one to experiment with. I choose one that had different machine gears embossed on the plate. I also used various acrylics to see how different colors affected the design. This is how it came out.

Foiled Again

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Away, Away

Well here it is the end of October and finally it seems like we will all be back in town again. This has been one of those years for The Pieces. We have all seemed to be involved in lots of traveling, either for pleasure or family, and had some surgeries, either us or family, thrown in.
While I am getting ready for the painter and getting ready for our annual art sale December 5th/6th I have some across some pieces that seem to fit the mood. One of them is this little collage I did last year when so many of us were away.
This piece reminds me of wind in your hair road trips back in the day. I took this photo really close so you could see the collage paper is old maps and travel stickers.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finding Time

Art is not just about going into a studio and creating. There has to be inspiration, enthusiasm and most of all time. Of course it never seems like you have all three at the same time but you can try and be in tune with your artistic side while you are doing other things.
I am in the middle of getting my house ready for repainting. I am clearing away photos, taking down paintings, putting away knick-knacks, while grousing constantly about the whole process. As I was filling another box with "stuff" I realized this could be a great opportunity re-arrange and freshen up.
I started taking photos of my groupings when another thought occurred to me. Why not paint some of my arrangements? Or if not the whole arrangement some of the pieces. I have so many fun little "things" I have collected along the way but I see them every day, which means I don't see them anymore.
Here is a photo of my "Fun Wall" in my kitchen. I realized on this one shelf alone I had several set ups if I wanted to use them.
Hmmm what would you paint?

My Fun Wall

Chickens anyone?