Friday, August 15, 2014

Flower Power

On Thursday I finally joined the group after many weeks away. It was wonderful to be back in so many ways. We were in our new space, which is so sunny and roomy.
It was my turn to lead the group and I chose to bring a set up. I was anxious to see how it would be to paint in the new light. I brought in a few luscious tomatoes, garlic cloves and a small bottle with a few flowers in it. I had spend quite a bit of time the night before getting my paints ready, packing my art bag with all my supplies, deciding exactly what to bring for the set up so, I was anxious to start painting but wanting and doing are two different things. I spent lots of time drawing and redrawing, rubbing out and restarting but it wasn't happening. I did finally get the bottle in the shape and size I wanted but that was it. At first I was pretty discouraged but then I really thought about it and realized it didn't matter if I didn't paint something I considered worthwhile what mattered was that I was here with my friends and I was painting.
Here is something I did last spring, when the muse was still with me.

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