Friday, June 6, 2014

Mmmm good

I saw a cute little gem of a move last night that I liked very much called Chef with John Favreau. Make no mistake about it this is a movie dedicated to the art of food. Buying it, preparing it, cooking it, appreciating it and last but by no means least, eating it. This movie was written, directed and acted by people that show their love of family and life through cooking, serving and savoring food. Alas, I am not a foodie but craved a Cuban sandwich or anything with lots of ingredients after the movie was over.
After seeing this visual homage to all things edible it made me think about how many paintings I had done with food as the main "ingredient". So, no matter how you eat or think about food you can't deny it is pretty to look at and fascinating to paint.
Peppers and Pears


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