Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can you guess?

I have an itch to do some more collageing and have been organizing my supplies and checking out some collage websites. While I was browsing I thought about a project we had done a few years ago with a local quilting group. We each teamed up with a quilter and did a piece to correspond with their theme and quilt. My quilter did a Christmas piece so I had to come up with something using her theme and colors. Instead of painting I decided to do a collage, somehow it felt more quilt like. I did this piece and I still have it hanging in my living room. I always loved the colors and the subject, I really like round things. See if you can guess what it hints.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Mmmm good

I saw a cute little gem of a move last night that I liked very much called Chef with John Favreau. Make no mistake about it this is a movie dedicated to the art of food. Buying it, preparing it, cooking it, appreciating it and last but by no means least, eating it. This movie was written, directed and acted by people that show their love of family and life through cooking, serving and savoring food. Alas, I am not a foodie but craved a Cuban sandwich or anything with lots of ingredients after the movie was over.
After seeing this visual homage to all things edible it made me think about how many paintings I had done with food as the main "ingredient". So, no matter how you eat or think about food you can't deny it is pretty to look at and fascinating to paint.
Peppers and Pears


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New again

Seeing the wonderful paintings that Carmen and Carol did for CFAI Juried Show inspired me to look through my photos and see what I might have that I haven't seen for awhile. Something to inspire me and get those creative juices flowing again.
While I was looking through my photos of New England, No. Carolina, the beach etc. I came across some photos I took of an Old Masters Show we had done. There right before me was my painting of "Tahitian Women Bathing" after Gauguin and "Starry Night" after Van Gogh. It was such a kick to see these and remember how much fun we had doing the "Old Masters" but also how difficult it was to imitate a great painters style. Even though we were painting freehand it was almost like painting by numbers because all of the colors and parameters were laid out for you. You had to be very exacting.

Tahitian Women Bathing  Paul Gauguin

Starry Night  Vincent Van Gogh