Sunday, March 2, 2014

step by step

One of the important lessons I am relearning is that a painting does not just happen. Most painters don't stand in front of their easels, start and complete that painting at one sitting. Even people like myself who have painted before forget this. We are so intent on what we are doing we forget to stop everyone once in awhile, stand away from our work, see what it looks like from a distance, how it will look to others when they first see it. Another important step we forget is to take a break once in awhile, think about what we are trying to accomplish, turn your painting if you are having trouble, see it from a different angle.
These three photos are of one painting taken at different times. It is sort of a progression to show what I started with, then walked away from and then came back to. The last painting is the final one, I am happiest with it and like the colors and depth.

first pass


try number 2


final painting?????

As soon as I posted this I saw changes I would like to make.

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