Thursday, August 22, 2013


After doing some more experiments from the Carol Nelson workshop I decided to put all of my paraphernalia away for awhile and go back to oils.  As much as I enjoy all the techniques I have learned I feel I need a break from all the choices and just get back to basics for awhile. 
The last thing I worked on, but have not quite finished, is a tree collage.  I used some of the red resin paper treated with the rust activator and some collage papers I had.  Originally I used the rust paper with the imprint to represent soil and some colorful collage papers as the foliage.  As I was working on it I dropped it onto the floor and saw it from a different angle. It now looked like Fall, with all the colorful leaves on the ground and the dead foliage still on the trees.  Hmmm, you decide.



Donna Vines


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