Saturday, July 20, 2013

Play Days II

After I did the trees I wanted to start experimenting with some of the other techniques and materials from the workshop.  Carol Schiff (who also attended the workshop) and I decided to try and have some play dates and just
We got some MDF board and my husband helped me figure out how to cut it up into various sizes we were interested in trying.  Carol also picked up a "roll" of red resin paper.  We got some metal paints, iron paint, rust activator, foil, paste and of course some more acrylics.  We also scoured the aisles of Lowe's and Home Depot and our garages for interesting shapes and tools for stenciling and our mixed media ideas.  We really had a fun time for a few weeks with our exploring and experimenting.
Before we got too into our new projects we also did some more pourings with Carmen one day.  That was truly a play day.  We had newspapers all over the place and plastics cups everywhere filled with pouring medium and paint.  Even with all that and several pairs of plastic gloves we managed to get paint all over ourselves.
I just love the pourings, they are like stationary Lava Lamps. Here are a few to take you to the not so distant past.

This pouring reminded me of the ocean and when I ran a comb through
 the wet paint I instantly thought of jelly fish with their tendrils trailing in the water.

Metal Sky

I just love this one, it looks like molten metal yet is very cosmic.

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