Monday, July 29, 2013

Even More Play

After doing our pourings we started gathering our many materials and starting experimenting with a vengeance.
Custom patch was our first try.  We started by spreading it on paper in small amounts then on supports.  We had searched for anything with a circle, rectangle, square, oval or odd shape that might be used as a stencil.  Our bag of goodies included everything from pieces of guttering from Home Depot to dish strainers from the dollar store,  we tried it all.

custom patch stencils

On day 2 we thought we would paint some papers with our iron oxide paint, which we were dying to try.  The iron oxide can get really thick and acquire a strange odor but no matter we were excited to try it.  After it dried we started putting found objects and shapes on pieces of the paper and misting it with rust activator.  This, I think had the most amazing results.  It was fascinating to see show the shapes showed up on the paper and then on the painted supports.  It was great fun to rummage through my husbands tool box and cans of nails, nuts and bolts for treasures.

Tyvek paper with iron oxide paint and rust activator

On Day 3 we tried the simple technique of squirting glue on Tyvek paper and then cutting it up and painting it different colors.  These were relatively simple to do and you could paint lots of different colors in a short amount of time.

painted Tyvek with glue

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