Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, we are back from Louisiana tired but happy. We learned so much from this workshop, not only about new techniques but about experimenting and trying new things. Carol uses mostly Golden products but because she uses so much product she has learned how to substitute what comes in those little jars for artists with products that come in larger quantities from her favorite store Home Depot. We used MDF board as supports, Tyvek paper, Red Rosin paper, Elastometic Custom patch, Stucco patch and MM metal paint to name a few.

My head is spinning with all that we did. We slathered, painted, cut, pasted, glued, ironed and banged. It won't be until I review my notes that I remember what we used different materials for but one technique I do remember was easy and fun. We made our own marbleized paper with shaving cream.
All you need is some shaving cream, a foam plate, acrylic paints and some paper. Carol uses copy paper or deli paper that is waxed on one side, anything really. You can use the paper for a collage you are doing or to wrap a little present or just to see how wonderful the colors look together. This will make you smile and say Ahhhh! guaranteed.
Fill the foam plate with shaving cream about 1/2" thick and then smooth it over. Just like frosting a cake.

Choose two or three colors you would like to see together and put about four drops of each on the shaving cream. Space the drops out. Use the wooden end of a thin brush or something thin and tapered to swirl a pattern in the shaving cream.

Place a sheet of paper over the shaving cream and press gently all around and smooth it with your hands. Do this for about 30-60 seconds and peel paper off.

Ahhh!! You have your own marbleized paper.

Enjoy and have fun!!

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