Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NOLA bound

On Friday fellow Pieces, Carol Schiff and I are leaving for New Orleans to attend a Carol Nelson workshop.  Getting ready for a workshop is an exciting thing.  There is the anticipation of starting a new adventure. The promise of learning.  Learning about new techniques, new mediums, new people, new processes and maybe new beginnings.  It is a jumping off point if your are in a rut or an extension if you are in the groove.
There is also the practical side.  Getting ready.  There is always a list of supplies and no matter how much "stuff" you have your will always need something, which is half the fun of getting ready.  There are usually trips to an art supply house, decisions on what you might need that's not of the list but looks too interesting to pass up. Of course once you get everything plus the little extras you might need there is the final decision of how much you can practically take.  This is the hardest part and every time I pack to go somewhere I think about all those pioneer women and how did they get everything they needed into those covered wagons?
Here is a photo of my supplies for the workshop and I am very, very proud of myself.

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