Monday, May 6, 2013

New Orleans

Saturday was our first full day in New Orleans. We celebrated by doing a tour of a few plantations. Our favorite was a Creole plantation named Laura. We had an excellent guide, Jacquline, who knew a lot about the plantation, how it was run, the family and even the building itself. We found out that Cajun women had the right to inherit so this plantation was run by the women in the family for three generations. Not only did the first of these women turn it into one of the most profitable sugar plantations in the South, she married a nobleman right off the boat from France, got him to sign over his chateau and winery to her and made him sign a pre-nup too!!! What a woman. After the tour we were directed to a local restaurant for lunch and had some great Cajun food with some interesting stuffed alligators looking on.

          Laura Plantation - built in the Creole style

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