Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yard Art

Since taking Cindy's Yard Art Flower class I am having a hard time passing up a dish that strikes my fancy.  One of them was a Coca-Cola plate that has no earthly use except it is a Coca-Cola plate.  I wanted to use it but not hide the logo and it was a little heavy for a flower so I decided to turn it into a bird bath.  I found a small glass bowl, a few glass beads for the corners and glued a spoon for the birdies to rest and I had a bird bath.  My husband put it up for me this afternoon and I was really excited, it looked so cute. 
A few hours later I was walking by the bookcase and I noticed the little blue bird Kathy Garvey had made me for Christmas was gone.  I thought I must have moved it when I was picking up but I couldn't find it and then noticed that my yellow chubby bird was gone too!  I started searching around in the studio and looked out at the bird bath and.....need I say more.  I quietly snuck around the side of the house and snapped this photo of them frolicking in the bird bath with a beautiful golden glitter bird from some alternative universe. As quiet as I thought I was I seemed to break the spell because when I got back into the house the birdies were back in their places looking as innocent as ever.  If I didn't have these photos I would have thought I imagined the whole thing.

Splish Splash I was taking a bath