Monday, July 9, 2012

Sandals Redux

Before I left for England I posted a pair of sandals I had been working on. They were just a pair of black rubber sandals laying in the sand but I was really intrigued by the shape, color, contrast and texture of the photo.
That unfinished painting was sitting on my easel when I got back and I thought it would be a good place to start to get into the swing of painting again. I have to confess I had a hard time with it. It was dull and had no life and just wasn't interesting anymore. I couldn't seem to capture any of the real charm I had seen. I spoke to my mentor and fellow painter Carol Schiff and she reminded me that I had to stop being so literal, punch it up a little put in interesting colors add some contrast, add some I did. I am happy with the final results and hope you like it too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Home again

I am home from my sisters trip to England. The whole trip was great but I had a chance to experience something really unique that I just have to share. The small town our friend Annie lives in is called Haworth. It is famous for 3 things; the wild and beautiful moors where it is situated, being the home of the Bronte sisters and it's annual 1940's week-end. I have lovely photos of the moors and even photos of the church and graveyard where the Brontes are buried but best of all I have many wonderful photos and memories of being transported back in time to the England of WWII. The charm of it is how wonderfully everyone gets into the spirit of that time. People dress in everything from service uniforms to "land girls" ( the girls who were sent to the countryside to work on farms) to fancy ladies in fox stoles. Everything is authentic including nylons with seams to red cross uniforms.

Doesn't this gentleman look like he served?

Two lovely ladies dressed to the nine's.

Two "land girls" enjoying a jitterbug at the town picnic.