Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have been looking at lots of different types of art lately.  Collage of course, which I really am intrigued by, and some very non-traditional art which doesn't necessarily use paint but all kinds of different materials.  I saw some wonderful painted figures with great dresses made out of shredded paper in an art magazine.  They were so unique and whimsical I just had to try one.
My granddaughter loves Marilyn Monroe so I thought I would do a homage to Marilyn combining collage and a newspaper skirt. I had just the photo to do this.  I also had an article about her and decided to use that for the collage background.  If you look closely at the collage you will see that everything pertains to her and there are even some old photos included in the background.  I photocopied the old photo, mounted it on card stock and then cut it out.  I glued it on to the collage and then did the skirt.  I only  used paint on her lips and shoes.  I decided to use a silver frame with an Art Deco feel for the finishing touch.  My granddaughter loved it and so did I.

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Anonymous said...

hi nan i am doing project in school and i am using you paintings!!!!!!! love nic