Thursday, March 10, 2011

A good way to come back

I am finally feeling able to get back to the studio and back to my blog. It has been a long time and although I have done some creative projects I am just getting back to that feeling of being back in the groove, whatever that groove may be.
We have a great addition to our group Kathy, who loves to take photos and share them.  She took these photos at our group get together on Monday.  I decided to do a marsh scene and it felt great. I had really forgotten that wondrous feeling of getting lost in a photo and trying to translate that photo to a painting. I also love marsh scenes. Marshes are so beautiful, they are so many subtle colors and there is so much more going on then your first realize.
This photo shows the snapshot I was painting from and below that is my interpretation of that snapshot. The painting is not quite finished but I hope you like it and thanks.

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