Tuesday, March 23, 2010

workshop news

The local workshop I just attended was really refreshing. It was a two day but only 1/2 day each day, which was new for me. I really enjoyed the pace. Usually you are so tired at the end of a day from all the concentration and focus and by the end of the workshop you are a puddle. Doing the workshop this way left you refreshed and wanting more!
Bill McCoy is a good teacher and his demos were great. I learned a lot about color mixing with a limited pallette. The first thing that teaches you is to take your time. A lesson I needed.
The second half of the workshop is in April and I am looking forward to it. We can finish our paintings on our own or bring them back and work on them at the workshop.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Workshop

I am lucky enough to be taking a workshop this week-end with a very talented local artist Bill McCoy. We will be doing a landscape which will be a great treat for me.
Looking back on some of my older paintings I found a small landscape I did of a fall marsh, I hope you like it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will we ever be warm again?

This winter has been very cold for us Floridians. Even we newcomers are feeling the chill. It is hard to think of painting seascapes or plein air when you have to wear your fleece and gloves.
I will not complain too much because the northern states are dealing with cold, snow, wind, sleet and ice. I remember those elements all too well.
Here is a summery painting to help us remember spring is on the way.