Monday, January 25, 2010

A new week

Well everything seems to be falling into place for some art time. My workshop is over and my new camera arrived!! I will finally be able to take some photos of my recent paintings for the blog, including my workshop paintings.
This week-end was my long awaited workshop with Sandy Johnson. Sandy is a very talented, well known artist, who lives in Melbourne. This was an oil workshop with a still life set-up the first day and a portrait on day 2. It sounds like a lot and it was but moved along at a doable pace with lots of time for questions and dialogue.
One of the best things about taking a workshop is seeing new techniques. Not just from the teacher but from other students. I think we all feel a little intimidated when we go into a room full of other artists. We worry about being judged, being the worst artist in the group, what will others think of us etc. etc. Once we cross that threshold and start setting up all that seems to go away. You realize everyone is learning. There really is no best or worst because everyone is so different in there approach. Someone may stand out be everyone learns and that's what makes you a better painter.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

art show

I still have not settled down since all my company left. The house is in pretty good order. My studio, of which half becomes a playroom, is all set again. All the paints, turps and strong, smelly stuff back in place. Just having trouble focusing. I know it happens to all of us.
I went to a small art show in Cocoa, Fl. and bought a wonderful little sculpture by Joe Thompson. You can see his work at
He does wonderful things with silverware and other metals.

It's funny what catches your eye
when a booth you go stolling by
spoons bent out of shape
a fishy shaped plate
and when you buy it you get that great high

Group tomorrow!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Am I really back??

Well it is a new year and hopefully time to move forward. Here is a little thought for the day as we blissfully start our well planned, well intentioned journey toward 2010

As we happily take our first step
We are full of swagger and pep
Then life gives us a tug
pulls out the rug
and says "hey there, hold on a sec"