Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back at Last

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know I am back and in better shape than last time. I learned my lesson and bought a warmer jacket, boots and hat. New England gear is no match for Michigan.
We have a new addition to the family James Henry. He is of course beautiful and even though 3 weeks early, thriving. I am very happy to be home but will really miss those babies.
I have settled in and actually got to paint yesterday!! I was with my greatest inspiration and cheering section and managed a cute little 5x7 from a photo I had taken of a friends garden. It was unusual for me to finish a painting in a few hours, I am slow but I felt very relaxed and under no pressure to do anything, I think I may have found an important key for me, just relax. Everyone says it but you know it does work.
I hope to have some new photos up by the end of the week. I am experimenting with my hand colored photos. I am tryiing to enlarge them and recreate them on different surfaces. I will see the photo genius today and we'll see what he came up with.