Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hanging out

away again

hi everyone,
I am away again until after the first week in October. Please come back after then and I will have new adventures and new paintings to post.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Surf fishing


gearing up

I actually got to paint on Friday and it felt pretty good. I did some fruit from a photo I took in Maine and a foggy mountain scene. I find that the first painting I do after being away for awhile is the best for me. It is always spontaneous with fun colors and form. I think I am so relaxed about starting up again, I have no hang-ups or agenda, I just want to do something for the sake of doing something. I wish I could capture that when I am painting on a regular basis.
I would love to be able to let go and enjoy the process more. If anyone has any secrets about doing that or being able to quit before they worked something to death I am all ears.
I took some photos Friday of some paintings I had done before I left, which I will post. Group tomorrow at last. Wish me luck

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting into it again

I am glad to be home but have been busy all week with the day to day. It seems there is always so much catching up to do when you come back from a trip.
I did finally get to paint yesterday which loosens me up and gets me back to my "fun" mode.
I also have some paintings that I did before I left to photograph which I will do today. I also want to spend some time catching up on the artists I follow, that is always such and inspiration, it really gets me into the mood.
Photos will follow soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pam's kitchen in Maine. Just look at those flowers!!

Smack tab in the middle of the Appalachian Trail!

North Carolina waterfall

back at last

hi outhere,
I am back at last from my travels. We did a wonderful roadtrip from Florida, thru Georgia, the mountains of N. Caroina, to Massachusetts and Maine. It was a wondeful trip where we got to discover and explore areas we had not been to before.
On the trip home we stopped at several Civil War sites (I am not taking sides). I was a former history teacher and just love that sort of thing.
My husband was extemely patient and we druged the battle fields at Antietam, visted Harpers Ferry W. Va, which was is hidden gem both in historical signifignce and beauty. Not to let anytime go to waste we also did Appomattox Courthouse and Andersonville Prison, whew. If you are not inclined sorry to go on but if you are you can imagine how great a trip this was.
We did vist with family and friends, which was the real highlight of the trip or was it eating our way from state to state? I have to say a special thanks for our friends Pam and Bill in Maine. Pam made the most delicious peach pie ever!!
I have not picked up a pencil or brush since I left. It rained on us every day but I am not complaining, the cool air felt sooo good. I have taken lots of photos though and I will be posting some.
I'm glad to be back.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy tired

Pears and Peppers

Still Fishing

Hi anyone who happens upon my poor neglected blog. What I thought would be an end of June return will now be an end of July.
I am not going to complain, although I miss painting everyday, because I am enjoying two things I really love....My family and a road trip.
I will be taking lots of photos, especially when I am in Maine. I also like to take along my sketch book and my watercolor travel set when I am on the road. When I get back I will post some photos and some sketches of my adventures.
I did get to finish my Pears and Peppers, which is full of color and makes me smile when I look at it. Tell me what you think.
Have a great summer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gone Fishing

I will be away and then having family for a vist this month. I hope to be back posting and with some new paintings and musings by the end of June.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I thought for sure I would have some more paintings to post by now. I spent a frustrating day trying to finish a still life composed of pears and chili peppers. Sounds so simple. I ended up spending about 2.5 hrs on one of the chili peppers that I could not seem to get right or leave alone. I finally felt pretty good about it and left it. When I came back the next morning it was the pear that was out of perspective not the pepper!!!
Lesson learned.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Gatehouse Ipswich MA

Cottages Rockport MA

Back on track

After some delays, on my part, I was able to pick up my handcolored photo enlargements. I was really impressed by the quality of the finished photos. I was a little concerned that the photos would lose their detail, color and clarity as we went bigger but because I was lucky to work with an excellent technician, John Androezi, that did not happen. John is an experienced photographer and a perfectionist so I was in good hands.
Next was the framing, which can really make or break any piece of art. Again we are so lucky in Melbourne to have so many artists and craftsman. Once again Tom Ridley came through. He did a great job of setting off both photos in unique frames. I now have two very interesting, unique pieces to hang.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back at Last

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know I am back and in better shape than last time. I learned my lesson and bought a warmer jacket, boots and hat. New England gear is no match for Michigan.
We have a new addition to the family James Henry. He is of course beautiful and even though 3 weeks early, thriving. I am very happy to be home but will really miss those babies.
I have settled in and actually got to paint yesterday!! I was with my greatest inspiration and cheering section and managed a cute little 5x7 from a photo I had taken of a friends garden. It was unusual for me to finish a painting in a few hours, I am slow but I felt very relaxed and under no pressure to do anything, I think I may have found an important key for me, just relax. Everyone says it but you know it does work.
I hope to have some new photos up by the end of the week. I am experimenting with my hand colored photos. I am tryiing to enlarge them and recreate them on different surfaces. I will see the photo genius today and we'll see what he came up with.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Off to Michigan - again

I thought I was settled for awhile until Saturday when I got the wonderful news that my daughter just had a baby boy. We are all so thrilled. He was early but weighed in at 6lb. 19 in. No name yet.
I am off to be a grandmom again and will be back the middle of February. I am going to post the one painting I did get to complete this winter. It is a painting of my granddaughter and her grandfather playing on the beach this fall.
love to all

Fun photo

This photo was taken on a dressing table just for fun. The necklace had so many colors that could be used.

Hand Colored Photo